Suhrud Banhatti is a Sound Designer and proud graduate of the University of Edinburgh, with experience in sound design and music production. He is also a singer-songwriter and cover artist on the side, via his YouTube channel “Zoozbuh”, which now has over 34,000 subscribers and over 6 million total video views. His credits so far include several game sound projects, as well as a number of independent films, including both live-action and animation. Some of the projects are as follows:

Tron Doras (Director: Paul Crone, 2016) – A fictional film, with dialogue in Scottish Gaelic, Tron Doras depicts one man’s journey through the bureaucratic domain of death. Suhrud did the sound design, audio post-production and final mix for the film, which was around 22 minutes in total. Website: http://paulcrone.com/#synopsis / Watch the film here (password: gaelic)https://vimeo.com/167539309

Hurts So Good (Director: Annika Meos, 2016) – A documentary which tells the story of Fiona, a Scottish runner who undertook a 100k race in March. The film aims to show why humans feel the need to push themselves the way they do, even when it might cause them harm. Suhrud did the sound design, audio post-production and final mix for the film. It was around 11 minutes in total. (Watch herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X971yAfVboI )

Nailbiter (Animator: Laura Jayne Hodkin, 2017) – An animation with a distinctly unique art style. A girl travelling on the subway becomes increasingly stressed as she is harassed by the strangers around her. Suhrud did the sound design and final mix for the animation. It is around 4 minutes in total. For Laura’s website and art examples, click here: http://laurajaynehodkin.com/

Confessions of a Wasted Youth (Director: Karolina Żebrowska, 2017) – A short comedy set in the mid-nineteenth century, following the story of a young, clumsy housemaid who is desperate to become a painter’s model. Filming took place in Selkirk, in the Scottish Borders. Suhrud was the sound recordist for the project, and also did post-production sound. The film is around 12 minutes in total. For the project page, click here: https://www.facebook.com/ConfusionsofaWastedYouth/

Sheltered (Director: Ross Kelly, 2018) – Returning from a summer abroad, a young suburban girl Sally goes to visit her friend Tyler. In the midst of gossip and games, Tyler reveals that they have a new housekeeper, Ava, only for Sally to discover that Ava is truly an illegal house-slave. Now burdened with this discovery, Sally, thrust into adulthood, must choose to expose the truth or remain quiet. NOTE: Currently in production.

Edinburgh Gaelic Festival (Promotional Video): Suhrud was the sound recordist and sound editor for this collection of short promotional videos. They were produced for Seachdain na Gàidhlig, a city-wide festival run by a committee of volunteers. Facebook video links herehttps://www.facebook.com/edgaelfest/videos/1867706426825653/ and https://www.facebook.com/edgaelfest/videos/1868017043461258/

Important Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zoozbuh/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/zoozbuh

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zoozbuh

Final Project Blog (‘Talking to Myself’): https://sbfinalproj.wordpress.com/

For further examples of Suhrud’s work please refer to the links below:

[GAME] ‘Talking to Myself’ An Interactive Sonic Museum – A virtual 3D environment, in which every sound has been produced solely with a single voice. It is a sonic exploration of how we, as creators, talk to ourselves (self-evaluate) through our creative practices. To facilitate this, it uses the key themes of personal identity, extended vocal techniques and affective sound. For a video walkthrough of the environment, click here: https://vimeo.com/235852239 

[GAME] City of The Dead: Mystery Adventure Game (Prototype) – Inspired by the text Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, this game prototype lets the player explore an immersive ‘dead city’, full of aimlessly wandering corpse people. It is the player’s job to unravel the clues and decipher what exactly happened to each of the city’s residents. As this was a sound design project, the primary focus was on creating a convincing sonic world. For a video walkthrough, click here: https://vimeo.com/160309430 

Animation Sound Remake (Password: life) https://vimeo.com/163987971  – A quirky animation titled “Ball of Life”, with the soundtrack re-designed from scratch using only vocal sounds. This was done to create an interesting challenge. Ambiences, hard effects and foley were all produced vocally.

Abstract Sonic Analysis of a Film Scene (Password: lost) https://vimeo.com/155566265

An abstract re-imagining of a scene from “Lost Highway” by David Lynch. Rather than mirroring what happens in the scene exactly, the goal was to create a sort of “sonic analysis” of the film’s score and narrative. Vocal sounds and foley were used to convey different sound attributes, and build up a sense of tension and unease for the listener.


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